ZEN From Chinese word
for "quietude"

TECH From Greek word for
"systematic treatment of an
art, craft, or technique"

Masterfully crafted online systems that come from deep understanding and fulfill essential business needs, instilling peace and confidence

Web Technology Integration
Zentech experts are available to provide input to fulfill your business initiatives, including the following project management tasks.

  • Robust and highly customized e-commerce
  • Integrated work flow systems
  • Engaging client interactive programs
  • Database development
  • System integration
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Custom Web Applications

What makes Zentech unique is the ZenWeb Framework, which is a suite of software developed from the experience of many business web applications. The ZenWeb Framework is a secure and stable rapid development platform from which many business applications have been built.  Let Zentech take your ideas to reality in the shortest time possible.