ZEN From Chinese word
for "quietude"

TECH From Greek word for
"systematic treatment of an
art, craft, or technique"

Masterfully crafted online systems that come from deep understanding and fulfill essential business needs, instilling peace and confidence

Have the industry leading web based technologies working for your business today. Zentech experts using the ZenWeb Framework along with technologies such as Java, J2EE, Oracle, SQL Server, XML, Web 2.0, etc. have created systems for major media, insurance, financial and other companies.

Let us create for you, secure, reliable and high performance systems that will be a great investment now and into the future. Expand the possibilities of working with customers and partners.
Whether you want to create or upgrade your e-commerce system, B2B or B2C portal or enterprise CMS, you want it built on time and built right the first time. The proven ZenWeb Methodology is your assurance that your system will be delivered on time and to specification....
Keep your business under control by knowing that your technology is working for you. You will receive timely reports and analysis about the development and operation of your online properties. You will also have control over the necessary components every step of the way. How much is it worth to know that things are taken care of?